Mercury malforming email addresses, can't send email w/ PHP

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Mercury malforming email addresses, can't send email w/ PHP

Postby ifokkema » 22. May 2008 15:28

Hi all,

I've put together a XAMPP CD-rom along with my GPL software that I want to share with the world. However, I'm not getting any mails sent from local installations. Mercury receives the emails, tries to sent it to the proper domains, and does a proper lookup, but then just seems to mess up the email addresses.

My software seems to work fine on other tested Windows/Apache server installations (not XAMPP) as well as lots of Linux servers. So it can't be my software, I think...

Please see this screenshot:

If you look at the left bottom window (SMTP server) you can see the proper From: and To: addresses accepted by Mercury SMTP server and send through. But then in the right window (SMTP client) the addresses have unbalanced < signs > and the remote server denies the message:
501 5.5.4 Invalid Address.
Then Mercury tries to bounce and messes up the From: address also, so gets the error again. The finally it drops the email in the local postmaster inbox.

If I manually try to send email from the Mercury it just works fine. Any ideas here?

Thanks in advance,

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