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Port 80 in use?

PostPosted: 21. May 2008 07:23
by xa0s
I'm trying to install Apache on my Vista box (I know, I know). It's saying port 80 is in use.

I thought at first it could be IIS, but I can't find that on Vista.

I haven't got Skype either (which is meant to be common for hogging port 80).

Apache won't let me start it as a service as it's in use.

I tried Microsoft's PULIST, but I couldn't get that to work on Vista either.

Is there anyway to see what application/service is using which port, if they're only listening? I want to stop it from listening so I can start Apache as a service. I've done this thousands of times on XP...

Completely baffled. :|

PostPosted: 21. May 2008 14:25
by daveed
Have you tried xampp-portcheck in the xampp install directory?

PostPosted: 29. May 2008 14:14
by admindell
try this,

uninstall xampp, then check all posrts then check your fire wall settings

but DUH

if your running IIS XAMPP WILL not RUN

so turn off iis then install xampp..

if u need more help post reply in this topic and then some one can help

PostPosted: 01. June 2008 07:17
by antoniozacca
Hi i got the same problem! ive jujst downloaded XAMPP and installed this morning. port 80 is open,firewalls are stoped but only apache refuse starting coz of port 80 other server and db are propery working i feel
ummm i have no idea for apache! i work on WinXP SP2 you can give
me advice and many thanx for help

PostPosted: 02. June 2008 11:54
by LooseCannon
Just in case it helps...

I believe Skype uses port 80. No idea how/if the port check would determine this.