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chmod Help

Postby Darkcast » 20. May 2008 04:22

Hi im a complete noodb at this im trying to run Social Ware Community Builder. but i get this error i don't know how to change o where to find the chmod

Screen Shot

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Postby ifokkema » 20. May 2008 10:29

Chmod is to change permissions of a file or directory. Since you're running Windows you don't have chmod but you just need to go to the properties of the mentioned folders and change the permissions to readable + writable to all (which is what 777 means).
HTH, Ivo
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Postby Darkcast » 20. May 2008 20:12

im sorry to keep asking but how do i enable 777 ? on each folder ?
dos, html or what

Thank u
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Postby Wiedmann » 20. May 2008 20:21

Screen Shot

Right click the file "" in explorer and remove the "read only" attribute.

If this file is not marked as "read only", report a bug to the author of this script.

(BTW: Sure the requirements for this script allows Windows as server OS?)
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