Unable To View Site Internally

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Unable To View Site Internally

Postby HaroldM » 19. May 2008 02:47

For some reason only one of my computers cannot view my website. I am using Mediawiki with XAMPP. I've been doing this for a while and never had this problem. But now for some reason when my laptop tries to access the page (the internal IP) my laptop changes the IP of the server machine into http://localhost. Yet the IP I'm trying to access is not the same as the IP of my laptop. Any ideas? My wife's laptop can get to the internal wiki page with no problems. Thanks in advance.
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Postby ifokkema » 19. May 2008 09:04

What happens if you ping this IP address? Also, does it work when you create a hostname in the hosts file on the laptop to refer to the server machine?
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