Uploaded files does not change

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Uploaded files does not change

Postby elvisparsley » 12. May 2008 15:04

I am using Xampp on windows server 2003.

I use Xampp for CMS such as Joomla and Moodle for school.

In order to replace some pictures I upload some pictures and refresh my browser (FF and IE7) to check the page.

However they don't show any newly uploaded pictures.

I refreshed Xampp, but it does not work.

I checked it and there are all new pictures are replaced in the xampp/htdocs/joomla/images/myimages folder.

Could anyone help me how to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance.
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Postby angheloko » 12. May 2008 15:34

Hi parsley

I've experienced the same thing, not only in XAMPP but in IIS as well. IMO, the problem doesn't lie with the web server or the script. I think it's the OS.

In my case, I uploaded an updated document, replaced the old one, using a different PC. When I tried to view the document, using that same PC, the document wasn't updated at all. But, when I tried connecting and viewing using a different PC, the updated was there. Strange huh, but I really think it's the OS of the client PC, not the server.
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Postby ridgewood » 12. May 2008 16:30

Try flushing the cache in your browser... in FF it is control-F5, not sure what it is in IE... you may have to use the tools panel of somesuch...if it is no the same.
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