Unable to Install TomCat Addon

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Unable to Install TomCat Addon

Postby tvks » 08. May 2008 15:40


I have installed Xampp 1.6.6a and have installed Java 2 SDK SE v1.4.2_17. I have installed Java in the root folder C:

My problem is that whenever I try to install TomCat Add (installer) it says:

"SUN Java 5/6 SDK win32 not found. Unable to get install path"

What should I do?

Kindly help urgently.

Thanx and Regards,

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Postby Nobbie » 08. May 2008 15:52

>What should I do?

Install SUN Java 5/6 SDK win32

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Fixed By Little Research

Postby tvks » 09. May 2008 05:58


The problem has been fixed. Java was already installed in my system.

Problem Description:

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The problem was that the installer and the zip file for installing XAMPP Addon TomCat needs only Java (SDK 1.5) while the latest one available is (SDK 1.6) {Check in HKEY_LOCALMACHINE\SOFTWARE\Java }. The XAMPP TomCat Addon does not check for various versions of Java (Because of this, users who are new to Web Domain & XAMPP might feel handicapped about)

Solution (which I followed):

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Nothing can be done from the installer as its an exe file. While I had
1. downloaded the zip file and unzipped it into the xampp folder
2. in the install directory of the xampp I had manually opened the install.php in this folder
3. search for the word HKEY_LOCALMACHINE\Software\Java and change the word 1.5 as (1.4 for older versions of java or 1.6 for newer versions of java : you can find the version of java in your system by the command java -version from the command prompt)
4. save and exit
5. run the setup_xampp.bat (preferably from command prompt)

Thats it.. Tomcat is installed in your system.

I hope this comes handy for people who find themselves landing in the same fix as me yesterday :D


(Sorry if my English is horrible; Don't worry its not always like this; Sometimes its even more worse)
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