Upgrade info form 1.4.15 to 1.6.6a

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Upgrade info form 1.4.15 to 1.6.6a

Postby williamb » 06. May 2008 21:32

It's been a looooong time since I had to do anything with my XAMPP install, which is a testimonial to just how rock solid this group is. Our internal server uses XAMPP to run our Intranet site for our company....it is the ONLY thing I don't have to mess with, so thanks!

I am faced with the changes of my CMS and its new pending requirements for the next version where XAMPP upgrades Apace and MySQL to meet the new requirements.

So I would like to know the safest way to upgrade from our current version of 1.4.15 to 1.6.6a. I did download the upgrade package (http://www.apachefriends.org/download.p ... 1.6.6a.zip), however I can't find anywhere upgrade instructions AND for what versions it may upgrade from. I have seen many posts complain of this same thing, the lack of info available for the upgrades... I hope this can be fixed.

Anyway any helpful tips are greatly appreciated.
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Postby jaenosjelantru » 15. May 2008 14:09

I also need to upgrade and from the searches I have seen, people have many problems and end up doing a full un/install.

I have been using xampp for three years so I really need to upgrade. Mainly just to get the php version up to date as I am being hit with security issues.
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Postby tholyoak » 16. May 2008 17:45

Any word on this yet? I too would be interested in upgrading, but I need to know what problems I may run into.
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