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Parent: child process exited with status 3221225477 -- Resta

PostPosted: 05. May 2008 20:43
by robertlankford
Yeah, yeah. I see this all over the place on this forum.

I have the same problem. Here is how it goes with me:

I have Windows Server 2003 on a box. I have Xampp 1.6.3.a installed (I've been through several versions of Xampp over the years on this box). I use PHP 5. Consistently, I get the following error message in my error.log file:

[Thu Sep 13 12:39:13 2007] [notice] Parent: child process exited with status 3221225477 -- Restarting.

So I've googled around and have tried to find something that'll help me identify the cause of this. But I've never had any luck. So what happens is that my Intranet site keeps crashing every day or two. So, to get around this, I started up a process that would restart the Apache service once a day. This helped, but then I noticed that on a day with high traffic, it could crash anyway. So now, I literally restart the server automatically every 2 hours since my usage patterns haven't made this problem happen any quicker than that.

Now, obviously, this isn't ideal since what kind of website goes down for a few seconds every two hours, right? Right. But I still have no idea what could be the matter! I, literally, am at the point to where I'm ready to buy another server, install Linux on that, and use the AMPP environment there to see if things are more stable.

Isn't Apache/PHP supposed to be solid? I thought it was anyway, so I'm a little confused about my inability to find any sort of answer (or even a direction to begin looking in) for this. It appears to me as if that error message is a catch-all for all sorts of problems that can arise. If so, then how can I narrow this problem down?

It's a random problem in the sense that I cannot find *any* similarities between crashes in the log file. The crashes never seem to come relative to any usage pattern that I can discern anyway. But it's not random in the sense that it *will* occur after a certain amount of traffic has presented itself. Could it be a memory leak? Possibly. How can I check?

Any help is greatly appreciated! If you know anything, please take a moment and point my in some kind of direction!! :)

Error Messages

PostPosted: 06. May 2008 21:40
by robertlankford
Does this help?


Check this link out..

PostPosted: 04. June 2008 08:40
by Manjiri

PostPosted: 04. June 2008 21:48
by robertlankford
Thanks for the response. I'm not too sure what to do with it, frankly. I don't see anything in that bug report that seems like it could pertain to me.

PostPosted: 05. June 2008 08:19
by Manjiri
I am using a 32-bit OS on 64-bit base machine, hence according to the bug-report, I may be facing this problem.
Perhaps you have the same issue?