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Apache server won't run.!

PostPosted: 29. April 2008 15:54
by tegning
Hi there, i have just installed Xampp, butthe Apache won't run. When i installed it, it said that port 80 is being used for another program, how can i change it so it will work..? Thanks

PostPosted: 15. May 2008 07:46
by purchaser
what is using port 80 ? maybe the windows IIS service ?
when there is no need for IIS shit .. disable/uninstall it ;-)

to change apache port do following (i expect u r using xammp)
go in folder /xampp/apache/conf/ and open/edit "httpd.conf" file.
then search for line "Listen" (should be line number 120).
should look like that

Listen 80

now change your port to the value you want to use for.

hope this help you ...