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New to Xampp/Apache - Require some help

PostPosted: 24. April 2008 08:23
by Apathy
I have been messing around with it for awhile now, but I just cant figure it out... I am good with web design and images, but never had to try to run off a server like this.

I make my root dir the htdocs through dreamweaver, and when i visit local host, it comes up properly, but when I give someone my IP they cannot connect... Am I doing it wrong? Is there another site name i have to give them?

Edit: thought occurred.. If it was my IP, I wouldnt want to really be releasing that to everyone... So I imagine it would have to be something else, but how do I assign it, or find it?

Edit: Opened up port 80 on the router, and now its working... Now I just have to find out how to make use of the PhP... new to it still.

PostPosted: 30. April 2008 05:36
by x-files
If you do not wish to give your IP, use a prog like No-IP to use a Domain Name instead. :wink: