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Put MYSQL Database in other location

PostPosted: 21. April 2008 17:40
by MPB
I am running XAMPP for Windows in a 6GB virtual machine with 1.5GB left. I would like to put the MYSQL databases on another drive (that I mapped as "V:"). I read on MYSQL's web site that I could change the database location by editing the My.cnf file as follows. Didn't work.

Any suggestions?

# The MySQL server
port= 3306
socket= "C:/xampp/mysql/mysql.sock"

Many thanks in advance.

PostPosted: 21. April 2008 19:43
by Nobbie
The connection to the drive and the mapping must be established BEFORE you start the MySQL Server. This is usually NOT the case if you start MySQL as a service (because services are started before drives are mapped).

ut MYSQL Database in other location

PostPosted: 21. April 2008 21:14
by MPB
Thank you, Nobbie for your prompt and curteous reply.

The "V:" drive is automatically mapped when I start the VM instance.
Any other thoughts or ideas, anyone?


PostPosted: 21. April 2008 21:41
by Wiedmann
(that I mapped as "V:")

What does you exactly mean with "is mapped"?