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Paradox ??

PostPosted: 17. April 2008 08:54
by imami
Hi every body

I've downloaded the latest XAMPP but it has no PARADOX extensions : php_ps.dll and php_paradox.dll files

does anyone knows wich older version of XAMPP has paradox extension ?
I need it urgently.


PostPosted: 17. April 2008 09:16
by Wiedmann
I have both extensions in my XAMPP 1.6.6.

PostPosted: 17. April 2008 09:39
by imami
well , is it posible to send me those files
I'll send you PM and give my Email


PostPosted: 17. April 2008 09:53
by Wiedmann
What XAMPP version did you have? (version, installer, zip, 7zip). In a current XAMPP you should have these files. And I don't know, if they work with an older XAMPP, because I don't use these extensions.

(If these 2 files are missing, maybe other files are also missing.)

PostPosted: 17. April 2008 10:20
by imami
I have 1.6.6a I use installer to install xampp
today I download ZIP file too
but there is no paradox

please send me those 2 dll files
I'll try them ... , may be works, who knows ?!

PostPosted: 17. April 2008 10:39
by Wiedmann
today I download ZIP file too but there is no paradox

What's the md5sum of your file? Because I've downloaded this file ( now, and the extension is definitive in the archiv.

Well, sure you are looking in the extension dir for PHP5 and not for PHP4?