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How to disable sqlite and a sligth sequrity risk

PostPosted: 17. April 2008 07:16
by ColacX
In Xampp demopage telephone list. The php page is using sqlite to write down phonenumbers and such. How to disable it?

In phpadmin ive created a Root user with a blank password
And a Admin user with password.

The root user has only select and add privlegies but thats enough to:
Log into phpadmin
View usertable
View admin (encrypted)password

And thus gain fullaccess. Now that sounds awfully stupid.
Any ideas on this one? I still wan't the root user to be able to select and add entrys, because I want the Xampp demo CDcollection to work.

Other than this Xampp works fine except the mysql "admin button" in Xampp controlpanel which returns heaps of error messages, so I just avoid clicking on it.

Oh one more thing, WTH is the deal with your registrycontrol code? Is it set on extremly hard or something? I've mustve tried 10 times before I could get registerd.