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I'm getting blank screen when accessing phpmyadmin

PostPosted: 15. April 2008 16:39
by sportsjuana
I am following this guide

and when I get to the part where I am supposed to hit phpmyadmin in tools, it just sends me to a blank screen. How do I correct this so that I can create new database. I am so close now to where I need to be that hopefully after this I wont bother everyone here again. Thanks for all the help and I tried a search but couldn't find anything with this specific problem.

PostPosted: 16. April 2008 02:36
by sportsjuana
Please could someone just help me out on this. I am grateful for all the help so far, but I am so close and am afraid to just start all over. I have been working on my site for about 3 months and the only thing left is figuring out how to use wordpress and xampp. I have searched this topic but most everyone here is getting an error. However, I am getting a blank mozilla screen. No time out error, nothing. I figure it is something pointing to the wrong thing. Not sure how to read the error log or the environmentals. Once this works its on to installing wordpress. I just want to start going on this so if anyone knows whats going on please help. Thanks.

PostPosted: 17. April 2008 05:08
by sportsjuana
Finally, I got it. I am so stupid. I didn't realize that I had my firewall on. I thought I disabled it but all I did was put it off of the tray. I finally got it working. thanks for all the help and hope I have some sailing.