Hacked Game Server, possibly through WWW

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Hacked Game Server, possibly through WWW

Postby lotnybartek » 11. April 2008 11:59

Hello to this new community.

Yesterday my game server (the biggest one in Poland hosting COD4) was hacked.

All data from D:\ partition were wiped. FTP logs were wiped. Firewall logs were wiped. Apache server, mysql server logs (data as well) were wiped, almost all xampp dirs were wiped.

On 11 am yesterday I was doing few maintenance job as usual. Then at 12.52 when I was trying to reach our game server forum (for admins only) I got:

index main page=LOL

just one word - LOL.

To manage my server I use RealVNC - which has connection encryption + windows login pass. So I'm pretty sure that "they" couldn't reach my server through those gates.

Is it possible, that I was hacked using some kind of hole in PHP?

phpmyadmin is reachable oly from localhost.

I'm using Windows 2003 Server Ent Edition ,NOD32 Antivir, Kerio Firewall.

I managed to recover all data from C:\xampp but my forum data are corrupted I think.

Just wanted to inform you guys.

I'll install xampp again cuz I think it's the best solution for windows, but I'll triple check all configuration.

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Postby sari42 » 11. April 2008 14:54

often the forum software is the culprit ... (ask google)
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