Xampp for local computer, security issues

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Xampp for local computer, security issues

Postby microken » 11. April 2008 11:45

first, i would like to thank the xampp community!
i'm a new user of xampp! still a beginner in php etc...

i am to use wordpress and joomla! as my personal blog and info repository... all hosted locally on my pc, and strictly for personal use only in my pc unit... so i don't want other people whether within my home network or from the Internet accessing any of them... and even people using my pc to have access with it

2. Are the data inside the database 100% inaccessible by anyone without the privilege set... by any means even if he is using my pc to attempt to open it?

3. How is that privilege being set? this means that only the one with the password can set new privileges right? and no one can reset passwords, even root passwords if ever i have set them up properly?

4. What steps should I do to secure everything up.. to perfectly achieve the restrictions i stated in my introduction... is it possible?

btw, i will follow the security faq in xampp...i am using the latest xampp...

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