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I cannot read or modify my PHP files

PostPosted: 09. April 2008 19:12
by pocean
Hi there:
I have installed XAMPP win 32-1.4.16. Everything seems to be fine. In the control panel i see Apache, MSql, Filezilla running and i can start or stop Mercury whenever I want.
When I try to open the php files they open as black windows. They open and close in a second. I cannot read or even type anything in them.

What is going wrong and how can I solve it?
:roll: Pocean

PostPosted: 09. April 2008 20:15
by Wiedmann
I have installed XAMPP win 32-1.4.16.

Why such a methuselah?

What is going wrong and how can I solve it?

You should lear (e.g. from the PHP manual) how PHP works:
--> You must open this files in your browser with "http://servername/path/scriptname.php".

PostPosted: 09. April 2008 22:22
by pocean
I noticed that if I right click on the file I can open it with a notepad. I tried to from the http://... and I got the message "access denied"

I guess.. as long as I can open and edit it (using notepad) it will be fine.
I am right?

I used that XAMPP older version because is the one that is recommended to work with zencart. Newer versions are having problems with getting Apache running.

PostPosted: 10. April 2008 20:57
by colbyt
Put your php files in a folder in the htdocs section under the xampp folder then to use them visit localhost/foldername.

You should also get something better than notepad to edit your php files. Notepad2 is free and good. There are a lot of others.

PostPosted: 14. April 2008 18:59
by pocean
Thank a lot, to all of you.
very helpful answers!!

:) :)