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XAMP :: ONE TOUCH INSTALLATION :: I want a solution for this

PostPosted: 09. April 2008 07:31
by arunet
hello Freinds,

I would like to know any package available to install xamp on one touch
or through command prompt (single step intallation ) . Because i have to install xamp server on a number of system :roll: .

thanks in advance.

Please send me a reply for this topic

PostPosted: 10. April 2008 10:48
by arunet
Please send me a reply for this topic

PostPosted: 16. April 2008 07:56
by arunet
Hi friends,
i got the Answer,

If you extract XAMPP in a top level folder like c:\xampp or d:\xampp etc., you can start XAMPP directly. That means you do not need to execute the "setup_xampp.bat" at all. Apache, MySQL and Mercury Mail server will start up correctly! FileZilla FTP server will not start because it requires absolute paths. Please note: Do not use a double-xampp-folder like c:\xampp\xampp! You need a single-xampp folder like d:\xampp(\apache and so on). Otherwise you must run the "setup-xampp.bat" to set up the path configurations.

Arun Raj R