Creating a db in MySQL

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Creating a db in MySQL

Postby adaykin » 06. April 2008 09:49

Hello, when I create a database in phpMyAdmin, how do I set a password? And is there another way to create a database besides using phpMyAdmin? Also what is the database username? Is it just root?
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Postby LooseCannon » 09. April 2008 13:36

Remember to BackUp.

User accounts & passwords

You'll be wanting to get to grips with Privilages. :)

On the phpMyAdmin Home page, there's an icon called Privilages. Have a look in there, but take great care!

Note that Privilages can relate to users and/or databases and/or tables.

Lots of reference info at and in particular ... ystem.html

Other ways of creating databases

Again, check When you start to get familiar with MySQL, I think you'll see that phpMyAdmin does the job nicely.

Otherwise, maybe have a look at SQLyog.


Remember to. :P

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