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Password for PHP

PostPosted: 05. April 2008 17:17
by webmeister
Hi, downloaded XAMPP. Went to PHP and tried to get into mysql but how in the heck does one determine a password? I read various things on sites that require changing downloaded code which is crazy if that is the case... HELP PLEASE!

brad :(

PostPosted: 05. April 2008 17:44
by Wiedmann
Went to PHP

You are doing what exactly?

PostPosted: 09. April 2008 13:49
by LooseCannon
Very confusing post Brad. More information and clarity would help us help you.

Anyrate, in addition to the mighty Wiedmann's point ...

You're referring to the initial, first, starting, at the beginning password? The default is blank.

Have a look here: