XAMPP randomly stops working?

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XAMPP randomly stops working?

Postby teknicalissue » 04. April 2008 20:27

ive been using xampp for a couple of months and ive noticed a difference in this month. i currently host an currently on-line website that works and get about 6K traffic a day. appearently sometimes xampp suddently decides to stop the apache service...meaning that when i am away at school, my website completely fails..

to rap it all up, xampp randomly decides to turn the apache server off which creates a problem for me with my website. i usually have to wait 3 hours to go back to my server and click start so i can get the apache server up and running again.

port 80 is open
im running this in windows 2000

what can be the problem for this??
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Postby SolSoCoG » 05. April 2008 14:41

Windows2000 is just evil. Many bugs at all.

All i can say use a better Version of Windows or use Linux etc.
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