Will Mysql info be gone after i reinstall Windows?

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Will Mysql info be gone after i reinstall Windows?

Postby bb1991 » 04. April 2008 03:14

I'm not 100% sure on that question, since i haven't reinstalled my computer after using xxamp (juz stated using), it's common sense to think that all the data would be gone, but someone told there's a way to keep the data in the computer, and still formatting everything...is that true?
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Postby SolSoCoG » 05. April 2008 14:43

Just copy the whole xampp folder onto a USB stick or a CD or just upload it somewhere. After formatting download the folder again and php is still how it was before.(SHOULD be.)
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Postby Galdhrim » 05. April 2008 18:48

If you have data really important in MySql, try exporting the database, from phpMyAdmin... so even if something weird happen, you would be able to import the database backup.

Maybe you should compress the xampp folder before moving it to another storage device, since if the folder is compressed, you keep the file's atributes (if you just burn the folder on a CD, probably all the files will become read only).
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