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Question before installing XAMPP

PostPosted: 22. October 2003 20:23
by brentev
1)After reading the install documentation for Windows (98) it mentions about installing on a partitioned drive. Can XAMPP be installed on an unpartitioned drive? (ie: C:\ only)

2)I want to learn and play around with PHP/mySQL on my dev pc (Windows 98). Can I later upload those .php files to my ISP that runs Unix and also supports PHP or am I not able to create locally using Win98 and then run from a Unix server?


PostPosted: 22. October 2003 21:24
by nemesis
You "install" simple unpack the xampp Archiv (zip or selfex.) C:\ are no problem :)
It's only a "install" (a php script, that modify the config files, to allow xampp in a subdirectory C:\server or C:\Prgramm Files\ and so on...

Php Files don't depend on the plattform, where it's parsed, only Perl .pl files need a reverence to the executable. Some examples are in the xampp\cgi-bin\*.pl


thats only platform dependend, the first line from a perl script, not more, nothing less :)


PostPosted: 22. October 2003 23:38
by MAGnUm
Umm, you can install wampp to any formatted partition of your hard drive (C:\ - Z:\) to clarify what nemesis said. :D