Setup_xampp NOT updating Apache files

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Setup_xampp NOT updating Apache files

Postby thebeaz » 02. April 2008 19:26

I have this happening on one of my Xampp directories... basically the setup_xampp.bat is modifying the Apache files (their Modified Date changes), but they still retain a prior (now invalid) path. All other files with paths that update are properly updating (I used a tool to search through all the files to verify this).

I've searched for another topic with ANYONE having a broken setup_xampp.bat... but it seems no one does. I had it happen ONE time before... and when I manually updated all the files it appeared to fix the problem (setup_xampp worked again). This time it did not work. Sure, I could just download a new copy of xampp... but that's like re-formatting Windows when you run into a hitch. Does anyone know the logic behind the actual setup script and why it isn't updating those links? How can I fix this?

Before anyone asks, the setup_xampp.bat has not been modified in any way. This all started when I'd made a port change in a config file from another xampp and copied that file over. Every other xampp installation still works.
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Postby ridgewood » 02. April 2008 21:23

There are a couple of places where the setup will not completely config the Apache .conf file.

Two questions: 1... is your MySQL being configured ok? 2.... have you checked the document_root section?

It would be helpful to see your config file 'after' running the batch file.

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