Urgent!Unable to update pear package

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Urgent!Unable to update pear package

Postby highjo » 01. April 2008 16:24

Hello guys!i've been using xampp (actual version is 1.6.5)for a while and here comes an issue where i need the pager package from pear for paging my recordset(a tuto from zend.com).I've downloaded the package and is is in .tar extention.The problem is that the pear folder under php folder of xampp is structured in package's folder.the packages are actually php files and here really ,i don't know how to add it .tried to read the .tar file with notepad++ tha some of the contents are in php.Need a little help here.thanks

PS:i've look around this forums in order to find solutions to similar issues.The one i found has no replies at all.So i hope i'll have a reply at least a redirection to a solution Thanks
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Postby highjo » 03. April 2008 20:04

So! this is how the xampp forums works? Very impressionned!I'm a member of variouforums but i've not yet seen this before.80 views 0 replies.Unless what i'm asking is deadly stupid or something is wrong here.I've been looking for this information and with great hope i thought xampp forums was the right place to find it.Naturally because it's all about xampp.Very impressive
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Postby lrobinson » 03. April 2008 20:16

Your post is a bit hard to follow, but if you are asking how to get to the contents of the .tar package then you should lookup the .tar extension. It is a compressed format use winrar to open it.
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Postby highjo » 03. April 2008 20:20

Ok! i 'ld look around there.The true issue how du you people add anew pear package to your xampp installation.It is all i wanted to know.Thanks
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Postby rickh57 » 04. April 2008 22:02

I run the pear batch file from a command prompt to install new packages. pear.bat is located in the xampp/php folder.

To use it, you just use pear install PACKAGE_NAME. For example, to install the phpunit package, you'd type:
pear install phpunit.
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Postby msec » 05. April 2008 21:08

If you're having trouble installing PEAR packages in XAMPP, you may be experiencing the consequences of a change in the protocol the PEAR website uses to provide packages.

I've had a similar problem with installing the PEAR MDB2 mysql driver in 1.6.6a, and have managed to address it this way:

Code: Select all
pear channel-update pear.php.net

If this succeeds, you should be OK to install packages again, e.g. (in my case)

Code: Select all
pear install MDB2_Driver_mysql

You can check that this might be the problem for you by running the command

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pear list-all

and see whether there is a WARNING message at the top of the output which talks about out-of-date protocols.
(Sorry, I no longer have the exact text available.)

I realise this doesn't directly address the local tar file issue, since it relates to getting packages from the PEAR site, but it may be helpful to someone.
-- msec
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