Port 80/443 Used Already -- What Do I Do?

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Port 80/443 Used Already -- What Do I Do?

Postby Critical Compound » 28. March 2008 16:54

Hey guys.

The title pretty much says it all. My system is already currently using ports 80/443, therefore I cannot get Apache Web Service to run.

Any ideas on how I can get Apache to point to a different port that will work with the service?


P.S. -- Picture of the port check:

Critical Compound
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Postby Galdhrim » 29. March 2008 03:58

I am noob, so probably I wont say anything useful to you, but I figure the only port you can use for web server is port 80, if you use another one, the browsers wont find the server...

But, the big question is: Have you tested if apache is working? I mean, maybe it is showing apache running as system service... put an index.html file and try http://localhost and see if you can see the page... or put a txt file and try http://localhost/filename.txt and the browser should show you the txt file...
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Postby Kirth » 29. March 2008 20:53

You may want to pop up your Command Prompt (CMD) and type "netstat -ab". Tap enter, and you'll see a list of applications/processes and what port they use.

Simply take down the application/pros. and you should be ready to go! Note, be sure to schek what the thingy is you're going to 'end', you might never know you'd need it!
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Postby Galdhrim » 31. March 2008 12:16

While searching the forum to find an answer to my problem, I found something about changing the ports using dtx controller...

http://community.apachefriends.org/f/viewtopi ... hlight=dtx
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