Problems Stopping/Restarting Apaacche and Mysql

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Problems Stopping/Restarting Apaacche and Mysql

Postby reekingofrandomness » 28. March 2008 16:50

Apache and MySQL begin on start up however i can't stop them once they're started. This is annoying given that i have to restart MySQL to reset the user password.

I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium and when i click on the Stop button next to mySQL on the control panel it says in the box below:

Error: MySQL service not stopped

Thank you in advance for your help
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Postby SolSoCoG » 05. April 2008 14:56

What about just closing the service at taskmanager or Services.
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Postby danspam » 09. April 2008 00:16

You must run the control panel as an Administrator in order for it to Start and Stop services. Vista's UAC will be denying permissions to the control panel.
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Postby DA Paul » 02. May 2008 00:33

:?: This seems to be a recurring question but I have not seen a satisfactory answer in this forum yet. I have exactly the same problem. Both apache and mysql seem to be running on vista but when I click on stop on the XAMPP control panel for apache I get the error message "ERROR -1 busy mysql service not stopped". Trying to stop mysql first just results in the message "ERROR -1 busy".

I am logged on to the system via an adminstrator account so that appears not to be the problem.

Any help solving this problem would be appreciated! :P
DA Paul
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Postby DA Paul » 02. May 2008 01:02

Sorry, just figured it out :idea: ! Under vista you have to do the following:

1. Go to the xampp directory
2. Right click on xampp-control.exe
3. Click on properties
4. Select the compatability tab
5. Under privilege level check the "run this program as an adminstrator" box and apply the result.

Now when I logon as an adminstrator the control panel works as expected.
DA Paul
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