Starting Mercury Mail Messes Up Apache

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Starting Mercury Mail Messes Up Apache

Postby Dustin » 28. March 2008 02:52

Everything has worked since installing xampp except Mercury Mail. Once I start mercury mail and go to a page it just comes up blank.

If I just go to http://localhost it brings up a page that says:

Welcome to localhost

Services available on this server:

Mailing list subscription management services

Powered by Mercury/32, Copyright (c) 1993-2003, David Harris

So if I go to localhost/xampp/ nothing it just comes up. If I stop mercury mail it starts loading correctly again.

Any Ideas?

Thanks for any help.
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Starting Mercury makes my localhost go blank

Postby Siberiantiger » 13. April 2008 21:24

Yes, this happens on my installation as well.. So i am very interested in finding a solution to this.

There must be someone that have found a solution or know why this happens.
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Postby hkauer » 18. April 2008 12:49

I had the same problem but found an answer which worked for me:


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