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imposibble to reset root password

PostPosted: 26. March 2008 18:49
by ironmansp
resetroot.bat does not reset the passwords
"count column incorrect" says

and I can not access to mysql database to change the permissions..

please help...

PostPosted: 26. March 2008 22:33
by DouglasAWh
do you have any other usernames you could log in to to export the data. How much data are you talking about losing here?

I can not login wit any user

PostPosted: 27. March 2008 08:55
by ironmansp
I have tested with other users, but the same result no login...

PostPosted: 08. April 2008 17:24
by bzgzd
Yes resetroot.bat is wrong. :!:

I downloaded and installed XAMPP today (1.6.6a) and after i changed root password i was no more able to use phpmyadmin (even when i updated

So i wanted to reset root password with that batch file but it is not working.

I had to reinstall XAMPP and then i checked it and corrected resetroot.bat (it had wrong number of columns). I had to increase number of 'Y' entries for root to 28 (instead of 21) and also added one zero at the end. (for pma user also - adding 7 'N' and one zero)

Now at least i can reset root and pma passwords (but still can't set it to different then empty for some reason...)

batch file

PostPosted: 17. April 2008 19:39
by mindshare
can you post the code for the fixed resetroot.bat file?

my resetroot.bat is incorrect too

PostPosted: 30. May 2008 20:38
by ethocabpya
I want to reset my MySQL root password.
I tried to do resetroot.bat with I saw following web site.

apache friends - xampp windows版faq

But some errors are occurred.

ERROR: 1136 Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
080531 4:23:36 [ERROR] Aborting

080531 4:23:36 [Note] bin\mysqld.exe: Shutdown complete

Passwoerter fuer Benutzer "root" und "pma" wurden geloescht.
Passwords for user "root" and "pma" were deleted.

I tried to modify with following site.
However, same errors are occurred.

I need correct resetroot.bat...

PostPosted: 30. May 2008 22:06
by Dave_L
You could try the methods documented here: ... sions.html