Xampp renamed my hard drive--how to fix?

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Xampp renamed my hard drive--how to fix?

Postby Fiddler » 25. March 2008 15:43

My teacher distributed XAMPP on a stick drive and somehow had his name on it. When I applied it to my C drive, it renamed my drive. I've tried renaming my drive (by right-mouse clicking on it, selecting "rename" and typing c:) but it keeps coming up "Uncle Dave's apps (c:)" instead. How do I get his name off my c drive? I know this isn't exactly an XAMPP thing, but somehow installing it renamed my drive, so I need to know how to not do this in the future, after fixing it. Thanks for any help.
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Postby LooseCannon » 27. March 2008 15:19

Hello and welcome Fiddler.

What does your teacher suggest? It was something on his disk, so he should have an idea?

You have an admin account on the PC?
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