1. using full text search and 2. spidering / crawling

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1. using full text search and 2. spidering / crawling

Postby Patrick Forkin » 20. March 2008 13:23


Second post today and again in English, my first language.

When I have resolved the issue presented in my first post today related to getting apache XAMPP operational I have certain critical issues.

1. Introducing internet full text search to my MS-XP platform and
2. Adding the ability to spider / crawl single sites or small groups of sites to gather information and
3. Adding the ability to crawl selected software archives for specific shareware, free or open source products.

For the two latter topics I would like to have the ability to customize the spider or crawl software for specific user profiles.

For any help I would be very grateful.

Thanks and kind regards, Patrick Forkin.
I am not a programmer but a writer, with some PC applications affinity.
Patrick Forkin
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