Two Problems...a PHP/HTML issue and XAMPP "Object not f

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Two Problems...a PHP/HTML issue and XAMPP "Object not f

Postby darkenroyce » 20. March 2008 10:28

Hi Guys

I wondering if any of you can help me with these two issues:

1) When I try to access my site using "http://localhost/..." it can't seem to find the html file i have there. The folder is located in C:/Users/Rishford/xampp/htdocs/ffm_2008 (ffm_2008 being a self made folder to hold all my site files. Have I misplaced the files or made a simple mistake?

2) I have created a HTML form which uses an auxillary .php file to send the data inputed to my MySQL database. Although the page redirects to the .php file when I press submit, nothing within the .php file is executed, as I dont received any error messages and the database I wish to fill remains empty. Unfortunately due to academic reasons I cannot place any of my code in this forum, so if you wish to see it please provide me with your email address here.

Please help, I'm at my wits end trying to get this to work and have tried a number of ways from the Net as well as some books!

Much appreciated :)
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