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Postby jedi » 18. March 2008 08:56

so i'm following this tutorial... and i installed xampp, and it was working all right, i went to the hosts file under the system32/drives/etc, and added the following at the bottom... # For browser access # For email access # For mercury mail server

and apache was working fine... and when i went on, it was the same as localhost...

but then it told me to configure the htppd.conf file under apache, and change servername from localhost:80 to

then apache doesn't work. i don't know what they want to do with all those configurations (i'm setting up a website with zen cart), and i don't know if those configurations are necessary. but if they are, apache isn't working, and i know that's necessary. your help would be much appreciated.
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Postby LooseCannon » 19. March 2008 14:58

Hello and welcome jedi.

Have you configured the 'virtual hosts' for the different domains?

Search this forum and find lots of information thereon.
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