After XAMPP install, all php files load blank screens

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After XAMPP install, all php files load blank screens

Postby tjdj311 » 16. March 2008 00:26

I just installed XAMPP version 1.6.6a on my Windows XP SP2 machine.

I installed XAMPP into C:/xampp and the installation seemed to work without a hitch. Once the installation was complete, I opened the XAMPP control panel and started Apache and MySQL. I then placed a file titled phpinfo.php (to check php settings) in my C:/xampp/htdocs folder, and I directed my Mozilla browser to http://localhost/phpinfo.php to try and run the script. When I pressed enter to view the page, nothing loaded, just a blank screen and the browser saying "Done" at the bottom corner. Even when I direct my brower to http://localhost I don't see anything - there is no XAMPP start page.

It seems like my system isn't reading the php files, but I know XAMPP installed php on my system in C:/xampp/php

Any suggestions to solve this problem?
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