unable to make server live

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unable to make server live

Postby swiftarrow » 11. March 2008 14:37

my server wont go live!

im running xampp on a satellite 2800 (64 mb ram, 600mhz cpu, etc) and im, using no-ip with a port 80 redirect that works through post 8080 (which is open because i tested it with www.canyouseeme.org) and yet it fails to work on the net. the server is running because local host is showing the xampp security page but.

any ideas? my port 80 redirect is - server01.zapto.org if you want to try it yourself. thanks
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Postby Milligan » 11. March 2008 16:24

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Re: unable to make server live

Postby LooseCannon » 17. March 2008 13:37

Some more details of your situation would help. In particular, how are you wanting to access the site and from where. All you've given us is:

swiftarrow wrote:... it fails to work on the net. ...
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