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Postby hotdogs » 04. June 2008 10:32

Milligan wrote:
You should use the email address you were given when you signed up for the Internet connection you have with your Internet Service Provider, they all give you an email address or 2 and provide connection details for collecting and sending email.
ISP = Internet Service Provider

These are the same details you would use in your email client like Outlook Express etc.

Please help me!! I am in a unique situation where i don't have an email account with my current ISP. I use MSN/Hotmail for my main email but my ISP is Time Warner Cable/RoadRunner. In addition I want my email to be "" How do I make it work??

My ISP was telling me that I'd just have a different outgoing SMTP mail settings but I don't really understand. Please help! Thank you!! :)
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Postby Galdhrim » 05. June 2008 09:20

Well, I followed the "tutorial", and unfortunatelly, my messages keep bouncing, now I don't get error messages, but the messages never arrive. I checked the sendmail folder, and found several entries in the error.log file, like this:

08-05-21 05:22:44 : Must issue a STARTTLS command first. 4sm2097976yxq.8<EOL>

I am using gmail because my ISP doesn't include email accounts with my internet connection plan.

And I have about 1 week to make my e-commerce site work, and that means I really need to fix the email delivery. I would just move to a free host, but they use to fail from time to time, and I can not risk my site being down just when I must show it to the teacher :?
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