Running XAMPP off a CD

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Running XAMPP off a CD

Postby ashaquick » 11. March 2008 04:41


I am currently trying to get XAMPP to run off a CD. I have a wiki project that needs to be easily mass produced and handed to anyone with a WinXP box to check out as a read-only version of the wiki.

I have achieved this by putting XAMPP and MediaWiki onto a memory stick, which works just fine.

But when I burn it to CD, XAMPP needs to write temporary files, which it obviously can't do. I'm hoping there's a way to change settings on XAMPP so that Apache, MySQL and PHP can write their temporary files to %TEMP%.

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Postby swiftarrow » 11. March 2008 14:41

I havent any idea how to run xampp as a live CD, although what they can do is just copy and paste the directory into their pc for them to run.

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Postby Milligan » 11. March 2008 16:48

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Postby ridgewood » 11. March 2008 17:15

There was a launcher that was heavily promoted on the AF board which will come up in a search but as it happens, a warning posted last week that was commented on by Oswald ...

The challenge will be to find something that will clean up after it writes to the host computer temp files and does not need admin privileges to run... especially on Vista.
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