Having folders outside of xampp directory?

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Having folders outside of xampp directory?

Postby hobano » 10. March 2008 03:07

I have my site "C:\xampp\htdocs\" folder.

I have a directory on my "D:" drive i want to have listed.

Do I have to put my contents from "D:" into my htdocs folder, or is there another way?


sorry, just realized this was in the wrong forum :!:
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Postby Nobbie » 10. March 2008 12:41

No. You can use "Alias" Directive to access the directory in D:

Edit httpd.conf and insert the Alias:

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Alias /anyname D:/anyfolder/somewhere

You may replace "anyname" and so on by your own values. After reboot of Apache you can access the files in D:/anyfolder/somewhere by typing http://localhost/anyname in your browser.

Usually Apache may not access all folders on your PC, therefore it might be necessary to grant access to the new folder via <directory ...>:

Code: Select all
<Directory D:/anyfolder/somewhere>
Option Indexes
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

Insert these lines directly under the Alias for better readability. If you leave them out and Apache does not have sufficient rights to access D:/anyfolder/somewhere, you will get an Error 403.
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Postby tjrush » 17. March 2008 09:02

May I ask, where within the httpd.conf file do you put the Alias directive?
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Postby Milligan » 17. March 2008 09:14

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Postby sari42 » 17. March 2008 16:36

your xampp has already some alias folders defined in


(for example phpmyadmin...)
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Postby tjrush » 18. March 2008 06:23

Thank you. I have it working.
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