XAMPP Install and Previous Version of MySQL

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XAMPP Install and Previous Version of MySQL

Postby timeapen » 09. March 2008 06:42

Hello ~

I would like to install XAMPP. Currently, I have a previous version of MySQL on my machine. Will this cause any problems/conflicts? Should I uninstall the previous version of MySQL?


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Postby LooseCannon » 17. March 2008 13:58

Hello and welcome timeapen.

Unless you're a wiz at configuring Apache/PHP/MySQL, I'd say BACKUP and the un-install. So, ensure you've a clean start for XAMPP to install and do all it's wonderful bits and pieces for you.

Note that un-installing needs a little thought, so please check the documentation and this forum for help.

Oh, and did I mention backup?.... ;)
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