wordpress wont load after changing apache port

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wordpress wont load after changing apache port

Postby mark1 » 01. March 2008 07:46

am running my wordpress with xampp everything is fine but if i change the ports my apache uses i can no longer access my wordpress so if i change the port to 345, and try to access the server i can get to the xampp web page but does not load? but if i change everything back to port 80 everything works fine?

it seams that everything on the web server works fine except wordpress i just dont get it? i have tried ... /index.php
nothing works but if i reset the apache port to 80 it will work fine?
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Postby SolSoCoG » 05. April 2008 15:07

80 is the usual HTTP port. you better dont switch it. Wordpress is running on 80 normally.
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