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problem with smf forum on xampp

PostPosted: 29. February 2008 21:12
by midkin
Hi there!
I have set up my own apache and sql server by using Xampp!
i have put file of smf forum on htdocs.
Everything is working fine in my pc. The problem is that other people from the Internet, cant see my theme...they just see white background...

I have the following port opened:
on both UDP and TCP.

Here is a pic of how does a friend of mine sees my forum

Can any1 help me?
Thanks in advance.

PostPosted: 29. February 2008 21:17
by Scory
You configured SMF wrong for external access (probably).

In the install routine of SMF you might have been asked, on which server (or domain) the forum runs. You MUST NOT enter "localhost" here (and neither the local LAN IP like or similar), but the external IP address of your PC (or Router) instead.

PostPosted: 01. March 2008 00:57
by midkin
thx! my problem has been solved!

same problem

PostPosted: 11. April 2008 15:51
by n1ck
i found this post because i have exactly the same problem you sent.
I tried both opeining the ports and resetting the address of the forum but the problem still remains.
Can you tell me if you found the solution in any other way??

thank you,

PostPosted: 11. April 2008 16:56
by n1ck
well, the solution was there already. it was enough to delete forum and db and reinstall it all. it works. thanx anyway