Running MYSQL in Windows Vista

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Running MYSQL in Windows Vista

Postby kbishop » 27. February 2008 20:39

I went through the last 5 pages and didn't see anything regarding my specific problem and as I'm new at this, thanks for your patience!

Everything seems to be working just fine on my initial install of XAMPP, except for one thing. When I'm at http://localhost/, I can click on every tab except for the phpMyAdmin tab. When I do click on this tab, I get this following message Cannot load mysql extension. Please check your PHP configuration. - Documentation. I've googled and seen some explanation, all of which haven't appeared to help at all. Also, if I click on the Status tab, it tells me that the MySQL database is DEACTIVATED. If anyone out there could give me a few pointers, I'd be very grateful.

I just installed this on a Win XP Pro w/Service Pack 2 and everything worked out perfectly. It's got to be something with authority or maybe different paths in the two operating systems?
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