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i am not able to access xampp/index.php

PostPosted: 04. March 2008 17:59
by elvisparsley
I installed xampp on windows server 2003. After some problems everything is fine except I am not able to access xampp/index.php.

I installed Moodle directly under htdocs after deleting the original index.php.

I can even other CMS, like joomla under htdocs and there is no problem and no conflicts.

I over-write the htdocs/xampp folder with the original one. But still I am not able to access.

Do I need to change any thing i?

Help please?

PostPosted: 04. March 2008 18:14
by Wiedmann
I am not able to access xampp/index.php.

Why not?
- error message?
- error.log?

How can I get it?

PostPosted: 04. March 2008 18:40
by elvisparsley
How to find the error log ?

I just get the following screen.

The page cannot be displayed
Explanation: There is a problem with the page you are trying to reach and it cannot be displayed.