Change default Apache port

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Change default Apache port

Postby superwad » 21. February 2008 22:34

I'm trying to set up Apache to start on a port other than the default port 80. I change the "Listen 80" line to "Listen 8080" and the "ServerName localhost:80" to "ServerName localhost:8080". I start Apache, and it still starts on port 80.

I'm using XAMPP on a USB key, so I can't always be sure that port 80 is available. I also can't stop existing services on some computers I may use.

Thank you
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Postby Izzy » 23. February 2008 01:00 ... 355#115355
ridgewood wrote:There is an alternative launcher-controller available at ...that you can use. It will start both Apache and MySQL and then minimize to the tray. It does not start the services... but be sure and check that the services are not already running.

You can use this controller on a USB removable drive too.

... There is a fairly complete set of instructions in the readme both on the site and in the download zip ...
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