error '8002801c'

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error '8002801c'

Postby adnerb » 20. February 2008 16:55

I am getting error '8002801c'
Error accessing the OLE registry.
/iisHelp/common/500-100.asp, line 17 . Dont know what to do.
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Postby Scory » 20. February 2008 23:08

>/iisHelp/common/500-100.asp, line 17 . Dont know what to do.

You are in completely wrong forum.

You *should* ask in a Microsoft Forum, as you are working with IIS (instead of Apache) and ASP-Script (instead of PHP). None of them are supported here.

Postby roosha » 15. May 2008 15:21

actuall im getting the same error. and im NOT using IIS. in fact i just installed apache and went to localhost and and received this message:

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error '8002801c'

Error accessing the OLE registry.

/iisHelp/common/500-100.asp, line 17

ive done alot of searching on this error and came up with little. it seems people come across this error in many different situations, and most are given evasive answers. such as the one given here.

mabye im looking in the wrong place i dont know. im going to post this question in as many forums as i can untill i find an answer!

things ive tried/checked.
both http://localhost and
the "World Wide Web Publishing" service is started.
there are no errors in apache's logs.
ive tried with IIS 'connected' and 'disconnected'. and still receive the same message.

it does seem to be an IIS error message, hence "/iisHelp/..". But really the question is why doesnt apache work? i mean ive shut off IIS and still cant access apache.

so whats up?
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