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dont work under W2003 server,HELP?

PostPosted: 18. February 2008 10:05
by zhuangd
install xampp 1.6.6 under W2003 server

local main xampp homepage

at:Specials --Link
PHP PostScript Examples

Run every have error!

PostScript Module Example

Fatal error: ps_open_file() [<a href=''></a>]: PSlib error: Could not open file 'htdocs\xampp\special\ps\'. in C:\xampp\htdocs\xampp\special\ps\ps.php on line 75


PostPosted: 18. February 2008 20:23
by bfecteau
I can't offer you any help since I am just now learning the package, BUT I can tell you that I used the win32 1.6.6 installer package on 2003 r2 and it works fine.

Did you use the installer pacakge?

same error winxp home install

PostPosted: 05. March 2008 03:59
by mikeeve
I also receive the error. I checked and IS in the directory. Since I don't use the postscript routines, it doesn't interfere with using the rest of XAMPP.