404 error/firewall/localhost page changed/security?

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404 error/firewall/localhost page changed/security?

Postby paulmo » 13. February 2008 12:36

during install, unblocked windows firewall security pop ups. 404 error when trying to open .php files, which are in htdocs.

read faq's, disabled windows firewall. tried xampp again, localhost page has changed; it's not the xampp page anymore. it says "welcome to localhost david harris 2003" with a link. this doesn't look good.

immediately activated windows firewall. restart xampp, there's david harris again. oh, and the srv button is now activated by mysql; but i didn't activate it.

uninstalled xampp.

have tried wamp5 with no success either. same 404 message. but now, i'll be running my virus scan.

can someone please help me out?
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