Bitdefender reports virus on Xampp.exe

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Bitdefender reports virus on Xampp.exe

Postby okidokiss » 11. February 2008 21:05

I've downloaded latest version of xampp, but when unpacking my antivirus, BitDefender block's xampp.exe with this report:

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File k:\temp\Rar$DR00.421\xampp.exe
infected with DeepScan:Generic.Malware.SP!Pk!.AC6077E9

Can you help me on this?
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Postby Izzy » 12. February 2008 08:34

More than likely a false positive and you may ignore it.

This is open source software and if you downloaded it from SourceForge and checked the file's integrity using the MD5 checksums then they should be as clean as a whistle.

I have never known there to be a virus in the downloads but have seen false positives from some of the lesser quality anti-virus checkers who use generic responses when they can't detect an actual virus, only code, usually contained within a compressed file, that may look like a virus.

So they match it up to a generic bit of code and call it a virus.

Usually only a heads up but if the source is genuine then these generic responses can usually be ignored.

But as always in these types of situations, you can double check by doing an online scan using multiple anti-virus programs and see what they come up with - here is a couple that are very good at what they do:
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