Launching Multiple Com Servers

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Launching Multiple Com Servers

Postby robertlankford » 11. February 2008 16:46

OK, I'm kind of all over the map here. Please be patient as I try to lay this down in a way that makes sense.


We have a 'database' that we access using a com object (I believe it is compiled as a com server). I've got Xampp installed on Windows Server 2003. I can use PHP to instantiate the com object and make function calls to it. So far so good.

Trying to make a second call to the com object (on a second page request) causes a com exception. The point is, that I can only use the com object once.


I've read (or at least I *think* I've read) that Apache can launch PHP in one of two ways:

1) Keeps it in memory. This PHP footprint is shared between page calls.

2) Launches a new instance of the PHP engine for every page request handled by the server.

Is this right? If so, how can I tell how Xampp currently loads PHP? How can I change the way Xampp loads PHP?


Any and all information that anyone wants to pontificate on related to any of this is very appreciated! :D

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Postby Scory » 11. February 2008 23:19

What you are looking for is the difference of running PHP in "module mode" versus running in "CGI Mode". Xampp usually runs in module mode.

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