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Out of environment space!

PostPosted: 17. October 2003 19:16
by New Guest
:? Hi

I've just extracted XAMPP onto my computer. When I run setup_xampp.bat I get error messages in the DOS console window 'Out of environment space' twice, and 'Bad command or file name' twice.
My system is Win 98 V1, PII 333Mhz with 128M RAM. Is my computer too old, is there something else wrong or am I doing something wrong?

Hope you can help.


PostPosted: 23. October 2003 18:46
by MAGnUm
can you give more info, ie real error message. also why dont u get on win update ( and get the SE and other updates for win 98. also if win 2k is available it will run on your box and make life easiser than 98. to be honest my best answer is to upgrade to 2k, or even better a clean install of win 2k. later.